Syed Kamal, CEO, Gillani Consulting Group, Entrepreneurship & IT Panel, SBF2015


  1. Our StartUp INFORMATIČKI SERVICE CRAFTS: “PROCESSOR” GORAŽDE SERVICE, YOUR SILENT PARTNER – Getting Started, registered since: 03.10.2014 year. All information: from 16 to 19 hours each day, INFORMATICS – PROGRAMS – INTERNET – DOMAIN – HOSTING / LOOPIA / VISMA GROUP WEB SITE -The phone: 061 376 430, Email: [email protected], SCIENCE 2015 FISKALIZIRANI IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA FROM 23.05.2014, 10: 50h. – DOMESTIC USE SERVICES OR PRODUCTS FOR SAFE AND higher premiums, pensions and salaries? OUR INFO LETTER – OUR OFFER – OUR STANDARDS EU, We want to preserve and promote environmental clean, healthy and safe environment around us, “Viva Eco Life,” Ecology first of all, let’s save our forests lungs of the planet Earth, Our Inperativ, it is possible Exports of services! Free transportation, free advice, FREE DIAGNOSTIC REVIEW. OUR PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATES. SOON WEB SHOP PAGE:, IF FACEBOOK: SERVICE PROCESSOR GORAŽDE – From 16 to 19 hours each day, Informatics! Dear customers, thank you for your patience and the ability to present you offer professional services in the field and about: information technology, cloud computing, all applied processing units, change management database, business plan, business software and accounting software (http: // www., fiscal cash, satellite tracking and control of vehicles ( &, diagnostics, motherboard (Reballing and reflow), Creating SMART Goals technology ( Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely) and CNC technology (Computer Numerical Control), video surveillance + sensors + alarm, mobile equipment, special devices and computers. Diagnostics, research, analysis of security (Level 21), configuration, cleaning of viruses, worms and spyware, adware, malware, registry, hard drives and dust, causing thermal paste. Best Buy: The professional expertise in the field (Computer Science, Internet, Web technology, Software, Hardware, Computer Networking, Communications over the Internet). NEW – ACTION, Cryptography and Spyware – Spy software and accessories for your various business opportunities and needs – legal follow other users and find out who you are accompanied and eavesdropping! Planning and designing computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software and communication technologies as well as in connection with the associated training users. A wealth of experience and knowledge to maintain and install Windows, Unix and Linux Server, MS Exchange, SharePoint and Database server systems and related services (Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, GFI FAX Server, MySQL, MSSQL, Print Server, etc.). In short hereby involves planning and business communication – information systems. We also offer a disaster recovery computer system installation services (installation) PC and software installation services. Approved Certification of (Windows, Unix, Linux, Microsoft, Oracle, servers, networks, Computer security – Department of Justice, Management – IRC, Public Relations – Luna, Human Rights – UN Reg. No. 20370, classical Gymnasium and Chemical Engineering School by specialist 4B ISCED 97), with the legitimacy, experience, receipt and guarantee; with its own infrastructure and material support. Maintenance, upgrades, drivers, installation of various programs, installation and reinstallation of operational programs, programming. Translation operating systema and programs on domestic or other foreign language of choice. The conversion of the Cyrillic alphabet in Latin and vice versa. ICT & ISA Consulting, training, confidentiality of data in personal and business process units. Safe storage of data – leading to archive files – Image – backup system and guaranteed irrevocably delete all data from the definition – is preparing to write off. Creating and maintaining computer networks and configure protocols, connectivity, Internet, Network, LAN, WLAN. Creating your own Web site, the original design, with a single or continuous update, domain (, Hosting ( Making the network cabling with electronic detection accuracy. Repair of all types of faults. Optimize bandwidth, speed, reliability and functionality. Administration System, observations industrial and medical technology. Our additional activity has contracted preventive, proactive, corrective (24 hour) maintenance and servicing of software and computer equipment under the supervision and guarantee. Companies and institutions with multiple processing units, with special discounts for contracts on an annual basis. Count on a symbiosis of knowledge, quality and your needs. Development of the algorithm and the project. Prices supervision system (example): 1 CPU for 1 hour of work in one month, with the right to transfer unspent time, is 15KM + VAT = 17,55KM price services from VAT. Next processing unit, hour or month: discount -30% = 10,50KM or price of services 13,05KM with added VAT. Provision should be made (previous experience) needs, the number of computers and the necessary time for the next contract year. The total amount to be calculated: the number of CPUs X number of hours X 12 months X 15KM (-30%) + VAT for the current contract year maintenance. Price list contains three price range per hour and depending on the urgency and complexity of services: 10KM, 15KM and 20KM + VAT. Possibility virmanskog and cash payment services with a neat account / invoice. Other according to guidelines and instructions drawn up in agreement except unlicensed, improperly used, poor working conditions and force majeure. References, professional experience in the profession 24 years: Tax Management – Head of Automatic Data Processing, Eletroprivreda BiH – Independent data processor, cantonal ministry, – Head of the Information Department, Cantonal Court in Gorazde – Information and Communication Technology and Content Management System and WCMS Administrator. Contract workers and understanding (project implementation) with: Municipality, Cantonal Government BPK, ICITAP, EUPM BiH CIPS BiH, HJPC, Cantonal Prosecutor in Gorazde as well as cooperation with BHTelekom, Banks, Insurance companies, gas stations and the like. . Multi-awarded and praised for the excellent, efficient and quality results. From SINCE 1990, our business idea: gather and donate the best – Brand of quality. Thank you for your attention and trust. A valued clients we always say: “the shocking and cardinal problem, dispenses with” Processor “service Gorazde, created to help you.” You IT HelpDesk express mail [email protected] for your needs, questions, praise, guidance, advice and criticism … Important note: It is possible to insurance contracts, devices and accessories by the insurance company of your choice and the choice of the client. “Our social and drivers markeeting addresses the needs of people, conceptual group, partners and find ways of satisfying those needs produced by the morale of the market in order to profit of ethics.” manager Nermin Hadžimešić
    Ul 43 Drina Brigade No. 26, Account number: 1020070000038674 Union Bank dd Sarajevo, VAT ID Number: 4345127520005, Code of activity, according to KD BiH 2010: 62.09. Approval-crafts number: 050330000036
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  2. Dragi prijatelji, Presretan sam zbog poziva i mogučnosti učestvovanja na poslovni i edukativni Bosanski Start Up Kup. Posebno HVALA gospodinu Syed Kamal, CEO of Gillani Consulting Group Inc, and Gillani International d.o.o. kao inicijatora i stručnog voditelja projekta. Hvala Vam za uspješnu organizaciju i prezentaciju koja je fenomenalna i jako sam zadovoljan kvalitetom, stručnim i prijateljskim pristupom nama svim zainteresovanim budućim i sadašnjim poslovnim subjektima. Motivirani smo, željni pobjede i osvojenog prvog mjesta! Naš cilj je kvalitetno prezentirati ne samo naš projekt, već i Bosnu i Hercegovinu u cjelini te identificirati potencijalne partnere za tamošnja i ino tržišta, posebno za Evropsku uniju a i cijeli svijet. Ipak, moram priznati da najviše priželjkujemo pobjedu jer nam titula pobjednika na jednom ovako prestižnom svjetskom natjecanju osigurava ne samo veliku čast te novčanu nagradu, već i globalnu prepoznatljivost koja je ključna za ostvarivanje kontakta s velikim investitorima te omogućava lakši pronalazak partnera na vanjskim tržištima širom svijeta, što nam je itekako važno za daljnji razvoj poslovanja i naše poslovne ideje – Nermin Nerko Hadžimešić SERVIS PROCESOR GORAŽDE – Od 16 Do 19 Sati Svakog Dana, Informatika

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