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Top12 Business Models Selected

The Judges have taken the time to review all the Business Models that were submitted and presented on Spetember 30th at the Top25 event for Bosnia StartUp Cup 2015. After careful consideration and evaluation, the Judges have chosen their best 12 for the Top 12 category to continue on to the Presentation Round of the Top12 StartUp Cup. Congratulations to each of the Top12 Entrepreneurs! The 2015 Bosnia StartUp Cup Top 12 are listed below.

We thank everyone who participated, and we encourage those who did not make it to the Presentation Round to continue to follow their dreams and hone their business models. You can contact any of the suggested Entrepreneurial Support Services listed in the Resources Section of the to help with your ongoing efforts.

List TOP 12, in alphabet order

  1. Agić Hasan
  2. Cetin Muzzafer
  3. Demir Admir
  4. Deni Ernad
  5. Hadžić Azra
  6. Hatić Mirela
  7. Hrnjić Selma i Knezović Emma
  8. Kuduz Minela
  9. Mahmutović Alen i Safradin Ivan
  10. Mujkanović Azra
  11. Sinanović Edvin
  12. Vuković Vanja

Top25 Event held at IUS Campus on September 30th

About the Bosnia StartUp Cup Top25 Event


Event participants.

On Wednesday, September 30, 2015, International University of Sarajevo hosted the event called Bosnia StartUp Cup Top25. The event was organized by Gillani Consulting Group, Gillani International d.o.o. Goražde and Leadership and Entrepreneurship Centre of International University of Sarajevo.

Bosnia StartUp Cup event is being organized by a team of International and Bosnian entrepreneurs lead by Gillani Consulting Group Inc. based out of Dallas, USA, Gillani International d.o.o. Gorazde, and Gillani Foundation, based in USA, in cooperation with International University of Sarajevo, and several other partners and sponsors. The Bosnia StartUp Cup business model competition is open to any type of business idea. Entrepreneurs who compete in the Bosnia StartUp Cup are rewarded for turning their idea into a viable business, going to market quickly, testing assumptions, and modifying their business model as they learn what drives customers and revenue. Entrepreneurs of the Bosnia StartUp Cup do not have to be experts at creating polished documents or accounting wizards. Instead what they lack in experience, they make up for in passion and dedication to achieve their dream.

Today’s event had purpose of selecting the 12 best business models that would enter the final rounds of the competition. The event was held in Amphitheater in Building “B” and it was consisted out of four parts:

1st part – Welcome speeches

Montors/Coaches working with different teams of Entrepreneurs.

Montors/Coaches working with different teams of Entrepreneurs.

The participants and guests were welcomed by Ms. Sabira Bešlija the project manager of Bosnia Startup Cup. More information about the project and motivation behind it was given by Ms. Leila Hrelja, director of Gillani International d.o.o. Goražde. The audience has also been addressed by Assist. Prof. Dr. Senad Bušatlić who encouraged them to proceed in their entrepreneurship careers regardless the outcome of this competition. Further, Assist. Prof. Dr. Senad Bušatlić introduced the audience with the vision, goals and future plans of International University of Sarajevo. Miss Janet Kennedy, Economic and Commercial Officer, United States Embassy Sarajevo, offered support from the Embassy for Gillani’s efforts to establish an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Bosnia through Bosnia StartUp Cup, and mentioned upcoming entrepreneurship initiatives being launched by the United States Embassy Sarajevo.


2nd part – Lectures

After the welcome speeches, participants had the chance to attend the series of lectures regarding the entrepreneurship and business idea. First lecture, with the topic of Entrepreneurship and Sales, was held by Assist. Prof. Dr. Senad Bušatlić. After him, lecture on Managing Finance in Entrepreneurship was delivered by. Assist. Prof. Dr. Ognjen Riđić. At the end, the participants and guests were addressed by Mr. Kamal Syed who is the CEO of Gillani Consulting Group Inc., in Dallas, USA. After a very motivational speech for future entrepreneurs, Mr. Syed delivered lectures on Entrepreneurship, Visual thinking and Business planning.


3rd part – Workshop

Mentor/Coach - Azem Pleho, working with team of entrepreneurs.

Mentor/Coach – Azem Pleho, working with team of entrepreneurs.

In the third part of this event, participants were included in Entrepreneurship workshop. Each participant or group of participants was/were assigned to the mentor which depended on business area in which participants developed their business idea. During the workshop, participants were interacting with their mentors and also other participants and were able to ask questions regarding the problems they engaged in creation of their business plans.


4th part

Final part was reserved for presentations of business models by participants. Each business model was presented in front of esteemed jury that is supposed to make the decisions about top 12 and eventually about the top 3 business models in following period. At the end of this competition, the selected top 3 business plans are to be rewarded. The Top12 winners will be announced by next week.

Top25 Event at IUS on September 30th

Venue: International University of Sarajevo IUS

Adress: Hrasnička cesta 15, Ilidža 71210

Date of event: 30th September /Wednesday/ 2015 at 8.30

8.30-9.00 Participants arrival-signing in participant list


Sabira Bešlija, Project manager, Gillani international d.o.o., Goražde za Bosnia StartUp Cup

Welcome to all participants

Introduction to all participants the present Coaches/Mentors , Sponsors and Judges

Introduction with agenda planned for 30th of September 2015.

The IUS Professor Dr. Senad Busatlic – Entrepreneurship & Leadership Expert, to say few words at beginning of event as partner on project.

Welcome speech by Mr. Kamal Syed CEO Gillani Consulting Group Inc., Dallas, USA and Mrs. Leila Hrelja the director of Gillani international d.o.o. Goražde, Janet Kennedy, Economic Officer, U.S. Embassy Sarajevo.

9.10-10.10 –

Mr. Kamal Syed educator/mentor: Training with topics from Entrepreneurship, Visual Thinking, Business Planning, etc.

Prof Dr. Senad Busatlic educator/mentor training with topics: (“Sales and marketing in entrepreneurship” and/or “Management and Leadership in Entrepreneurship”, for 10-15 minutes each.

Doc. Dr. Ognjen (Oggi) Ridic, educator/Mentor from International University of Sarajevo (IUS),Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) will make  lecture with topic : „Financial Management in Entrepreneurship  “, from 10-15 minutes.

10.10-12.00- Work in groups with mentors 21 participants on different issues

12:00 – 12:30 PM – Social Networking –Break – Lunch, refreshment

12.30-14.50 / 7 minutes presentations by contestants

14.50-15.10 Media and Press

15.10-16.30 Evaluation and selection of Top 12 contestants.



Best 28 Business Model Entries Decided by Judges

The Judges have taken the time to review all the Business Models that were submitted for Bosnia StartUp Cup 2015 by May 30, 2015. After careful consideration and evaluation, the Judges have chosen these Best 28 Business Models and Entrepreneurs/teams to continue on to the Presentation Round of the StartUp Cup. Congratulations to each of the Top 28 Entrepreneurs!



How to Launch a Company in Bosnia, the Startup Way


Bosnia StartUp Cup is on GEW/Bosnia Website now

Bosnia StartUp Cup event has been added to the Global Entrepreneurship Week’s (GEW) Bosnia & Herzegovina website:

This will give our program visibility throughout Bosnia as well as internationally.

Approaching fast to the deadline of submissions by May 31, 2015

Just a reminder to all entrepreneurs and SME’s interested in competing in Bosnia StartUp CUP, that the deadline to submit the Business Model Applications is May 31, 2015, by 11:59 PM, right before midnight Sarajevo Time. Please make your submissions on time.

Best Wishes!

– The Bosnia StartUp Cup Team

Syed Kamal, CEO, Entrepreneurship & IT Panel, SBF2015 – On Gillani & Bosnia StartUp Cup

Syed Kamal, CEO of Gillani Consulting Group Inc, and Gillani International d.o.o., on the Entrepreneurship & IT Panel, at Sarajevo Business Forum 2015. IT and Entrepreneurship in Bosnia and within the Balkans region. Presenting Gillani and Bosnia StartUp Cup Business Model Competition.

Syed Kamal, CEO, Gillani Consulting Group, Entrepreneurship & IT Panel, SBF2015

The submissions closing date extended till 11:59 PM Sarajevo time on May 31, 2015

As Bosnia StartUp Cup is being promoted at Sarajevo Business Forum 2015 during May 12-15 (, we have extended the submissions closing date to 11:59 PM Sarajevo time on May 31, 2015.